A custom vehicle transportation service to connect users with carriers

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we transform our opensource dashboard to the analytical platform
we transform our opensource dashboard to the analytical platform




1 months

Project team

React Native developer, Angular developer, UI/UX designer


The U.S. leading provider of transportation services


The customer wanted to build a software solution — a tailor-made vehicle transportation service — that would connect carriers and users, needing to ship their vehicles. This platform was intended to include web and mobile parts. The client first contracted with an IT service vendor without the required expertise in cross-platform app development.

As a result, the performance of the created iOS application was unstable while an Android version wasn’t supported at all. In addition, a web system didn’t provide an intuitive user interface: it was difficult for users to find the desired information and do certain actions. Also, there were a few bugs that had to be fixed.

With the view of finding a reliable partner, the client browsed reviews and ratings on Clutch, a B2B firm that manually verifies each testimonial while composing and updating lists of the best IT companies. Having a poor experience with the previous vendor and aiming to create a quality product, the customer relied on our expertise in React Native cross-platform app development.

Project goal

The primary goal was to deliver a software platform that would enable transportation and logistics companies to provide their services to users — either individuals or organizations — requiring to ship their vehicles.

A web application was required to visualize, analyze, and manage data. The main task of a mobile solution was to connect users and drivers.

Technology stack

React Native
React Native

Project development

When the customer came to our dedicated development center, our software experts audited web and mobile applications to define the scope of work. Discussing the project with the client, we showcased a project roadmap, describing the way to deliver a software system that would meet business objectives while providing a seamless user experience.

Our team completed the following tasks:

— improved an Android version, so that it performed properly

— increased the performance of an iOS app and fix a few minor issues

— added new functionality such as card payments and data visualization

— fixed bugs and errors

— enhanced the user interface design in a web application

To build a vehicle transportation service, our software engineers enabled a CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous deployment) pipeline on the base of Docker and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Being one of the best software development practices, CI/CD helps us build high-quality applications faster. 

Continuous integration is used for automating product assemblies and detecting errors in the code. As a consequence, we reduced time on debugging. 

Continuous deployment allows delivering code changes — e.g., new features, product enhancements — more quickly. Each code change passes through many automated tests. Then, it is put into production through multiple deploys. With the approach, our software experts automate app development and deployment.

With daily team reports and weekly workshops, the customer was able to monitor the project, including the completed tasks and current stage. 

Features of the application

The delivered vehicle transportation service has the following features:

— user authorization

— personal account

— status tracking

— driver location tracking

— order creation 

— push notifications

— invoice creation and management

— card payments

— data visualization 


The customer released a tailor-made platform — a vehicle transportation service — that connects carriers and users, who require to ship their vehicles. Cooperating with our React Native development company, the client managed to fill a market niche and earn a profit. 

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