How we created a React admin dashboard for web development automation

The delivered solution goes beyond usual admin templates and provides an intuitive programming framework. With it, you can create any kind of web applications including SAAS, CMS, financial and analytics dashboards, project management software, and more. 

This tool allows engineers to save their time and client — to reduce development costs by 20%. Find out how we implemented a React version of the customer’s admin dashboard.

we transform our opensource dashboard to the analytical platform


A web engineering firm located in Belarus wanted to speed up the process of making front-ends. The customer was looking for a trusted React development company that would build a React admin template for them to achieve this goal. Since the creation of custom React and Angular dashboards is our specialization, it decided to cooperate with us.


Being a provider of custom dashboards, the organization needed to create a React version of its HTML admin dashboard template. The solution was wanted to facilitate the work of engineers by automating the front-end development process. 

The client aimed to sell the end product to programmers from all over the world, so the highest quality possible was a must. The company didn’t have enough in-house resources, it needed to connect another company to the project.  

Projects details

Project duration

5 months

Project team

React developer, project manager

Technology stack

React.js, Node.js, Vue.js, JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML, Sass

Project goal

The main goal was to create a fully-responsive React admin dashboard template for our customer. The product had to provide an intuitive programming framework, a bunch of UI components, and support for different themes. Also, it had to ensure the highest level of customization so that developers would be able to create beautiful branded designs.

Based on Angular Material Dashboard

Widgets and diagrams


The customer needed a React admin dashboard template delivered within 5 months. The company came to us with the ready design, so our task was to build the product, test it for bugs and errors, and ensure it complies with the requirements. 

We started the project by analyzing the client’s goals and work planning. Once the scope of work was ready, the team proceeded with programming. Using React.js, our front-end developers implemented dozens of pages and hundreds of UI components and integrated them with the existing templates. 

Node.js and Server Side Rendering were used for the back-end part. As a result, we got an intuitive admin dashboard template that can be employed for creating any type of web applications.


We created a React admin dashboard template that provides web developers with the following functionality:

React 16
React 16 new
server-side rendering
Server-side rendering
8 charts library and 2 dashboards
advanced maps
Integrated advanced maps
Delivered by one engineer in 3 months
UI components
60+ ready to use and customizable UI components


A React version of Sign App was released on August 22, 2018. By now, it has been downloaded by over 1000 users. Allowing programmers to cut development costs by 20% and saving time for the project creation, this React admin dashboard template won the hearts of its audience.

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