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Real estate


4 months

Project team

Frontend developer


A retail company located in Latvia


When the client came to our custom website development company, there was no online access to property-related data. People weren’t able to quickly and easily find the required information from their tech devices. 

As a result, the organization was losing customers, revenue was decreasing. In addition, the competition became much higher with the widespread use of the internet. 

Project goal

Cooperating with CreativeIT, the client wanted to create a property listing website, so that customers could find the necessary information on the internet. The platform had to provide a fast page load speed and convenient navigation.

As a real estate company aimed to launch the project as quickly as possible for the first users, it was important to deliver it within tight deadlines.

Technology stack

React Native
React Native

Project development

First and foremost, our specialists analyzed the project goals and requirements. We saw that the key objective was to attract customers and boost sales, which meant a web platform had to ensure a seamless user experience on all screens and devices. 

Since most people leave sites when they don’t like the design or page load speed exceeds 3 seconds, our team created a modern user interface (UI) and provided fast loading. Also, we presented content in such a way that visitors could easily find what they needed.

Based on Angular Material Dashboard

Property view on the map and in the list at the same time

The development of a property listing website had the following stages:

— analysis of the project requirements

— preparation of a technical specification

— website development 

— testing 

— project launch

We created a responsive design, so that a property listing website looks great on all screens and tech devices, including smartphones, laptops, PCs, and tablets.

Features of a property listing website

The main features of a property listing platform are:

— property view with description pages

— property view on the map and in the list at the same time

— the list of properties

— data search across the platform using multiple filters

— data search with text autocomplete

— support for 3 languages to meet the market demand: English, Latvian, and Russian

Based on Angular Material Dashboard

Filters and search across the application


Within 4 months, our custom website development company created a property listing website that allowed the client to deliver real estate services online.

Since users from different countries became able to find the necessary information on the internet, the organization boosted sales and increased revenue.

Furthermore, this project was featured by Latvian Forbes!

Based on Angular Material Dashboard

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