A meeting management solution for the board and committees

UI/UX design, consultancy

we transform our opensource dashboard to the analytical platform


Enterprise software


2,5 months
(March-May 2020)

Project team

UI/UX designer


United Arab Emirates, Dubai


When the customer turned to CreativeIT, it didn’t have a tablet version of a business meeting management application. However, high-level executives mainly used tablets during sessions and conferences.

Since a web solution had a complex user interface (UI), it was important to create a modern intuitive design that would ensure a seamless user experience. 

Project goal

The primary objective was to create a quality design of a business meeting application for tablets. The product had to include various features such as voting, notifications, document commenting and editing, etc., as well as provide convenient navigation.

Project development

Our enterprise software development company began with analyzing the project requirements. To get a clear understanding of the audience needs and expectations, our UI/UX designer conducted a competitor analysis.

The key tasks were: 

— Provide intuitive navigation, so that users could easily find or do what they need.

— Create a modern user interface design. UI is what users actually see on the product screens and interact with.

1. Wireframes and business logic planning

Our UI/UX designer analyzed the customer’s goals and created wireframes to visualize the structure of a business meeting application. During product discussions with the client, we realized that rebuilding an information architecture and user flow would be the best way to launch the project. Furthermore, we implemented convenient navigation.

Based on Angular Material Dashboard

Information architecture of the application

* IA includes the underlying structure and organization that determine the relationships between the system content and functionality to ensure site usability, smooth navigation, and findability.

2. UI design. Material Angular component library

To improve time-to-market and reduce expenses, our designer employed the Angular Material UI component library. Taking care of clients, our web application development company always uses the best approaches and technologies to improve product quality while saving costs. So, we created beautiful UI elements and used pre-built components.

Based on Angular Material Dashboard

Main screens of the application

3. The business logic of enterprise meeting software

To make a meeting management solution for tablets, the following business logic had to be developed:

A business meeting application provides the opportunity to view and manage meetings for different departments. Each meeting section is divided into 8 subsections that include an event description, agenda, as well as issues, documents, and ideas to be considered, etc. Our team provided simple navigation through the system, so that users could easily find the required information. 

Additionally, the product allows high-level executives to see the list of meeting attendees, add new participants, as well as view various documents and records.

Features of a business meeting application

The delivered business meeting software solution includes the following 

— meeting management

— voting for decisions and recommendations

— notifications

— work with documents (viewing, editing, commenting)

— calendars

— convenient navigation through the system


The customer received a complex meeting management solution that has a modern intuitive design and convenient navigation. Within 2,5 months, our UI/UX expert created an information architecture, dynamic prototype while ensuring a smooth user experience. 

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