Mobile E-learning App for iOS and Android Devices

The story of a successful implementation of a cross-platform app in the Edtech field.

How CreativeIT collaborated with a global provider of online English learning courses. Based in the USA, the company serves over 400 000 users from all over the world.

we transform our opensource dashboard to the analytical platform




9 months

Project team

React Native developer, backend developer, project manager


A global provider of online English learning courses. Based in the USA, the company serves over 400,000 users from all over the world.

Project goal: a cutting-edge e-learning app

Cooperating with CreativeIT, the customer wanted to build an e-learning mobile app for iOS and Android that would allow users to learn English online from any place in the world. Since the product was intended to serve thousands of users, it had to provide an engaging UX (user experience) and high performance.

Problem: mistakes from the past

To create an e-learning mobile app, the customer turned to an exclusive Top* freelance platform first. However, the vendor didn’t manage to deliver a great digital solution according to the requirements. The architecture was built improperly, the code had errors.

As a consequence, the performance was unstable, some application features didn’t work at all. So, the existing product was unable to serve the audience: if launched on the market, it would have received multiple negative user reviews.

Aiming to release a mobile educational platform, the client was still looking for a reliable e-learning application development company that would rescue the project. And then, their backend developer recommended CreativeIT. As we have solid experience in React Native, the customer relied on our team to address technical challenges.

CreativeIT successfully completed a working app. The project manager facilitated clear communication. The work was done very efficiently.

Philip Daineka
Dan Douglass, Co-Founder of DeepEnglish.

Technology stack

React Native
React Native

Project development

Before making the mobile e-learning app, our team analyzed the customer’s requirements and audited the product delivered by the previous vendor. To estimate the scope of work, we prepared a project roadmap and defined tasks to be completed.

By refactoring the code, our software engineers removed errors and improved the application. With the view of enabling different types of push notifications, our developers built a microservice architecture

Besides, we created a responsive user interface design to make the e-learning app look stunning on all screen sizes. In order to ensure support for some Android devices, our team customized a set of UI elements.

Based on Angular Material Dashboard

UI for both platforms iOS and Android

When building a mobile educational platform, we employed the Agile software development approach to improve time-to-market and enhance application quality. With daily 15-minute Scrum meetings, everyone always knew what left to be done.

Dividing the development process into short-term iterations, our software experts delivered new features every 2-3 weeks. This approach allowed the customer to validate each stage and make sure the project was on the right track.

Features of a mobile e-learning app

Our e-learning application development company created a mobile educational platform that has rich functionality:

— English courses

— online lessons

— audio and video file support

— offline mode

— statistics visualization

— progress tracking

— push notifications

— the ability to save lessons on the smartphone

— subscription to the premium functionality

— support for different devices and operating systems, including Wear OS, Apple Watch, smartphones, and tablets

Based on Angular Material Dashboard

Audio and video files support


Cooperating with the cross-platform application development company CreativeIT, the client created a mobile educational platform that performs great both on iOS and Android devices. The product provides many features — audio and video classes, progress tracking, statistics visualization, etc. — allowing people to learn English with a lot of joy.

Thanks to offline mode, users can access the service even without Internet connectivity. The mobile e-learning app is monetized via subscription to the PRO functionality which enables the customer to generate profit.

Happy client

In the end, we got a happy client and the highest rating for our work on Clutch:

Clutch 5 star review for CreativeIT

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